Monday, February 20, 2012

Connect with PrevChat

Ok. You make all the prevention and wellness conferences you can, network till you drop and then what?  Most of us seem to fall into an email and phone pattern for continuing interaction and ongoing communications until the next face-to-face opportunity but if you're like Joel, Virginia and I, that just isn't enough. So, we're joining forces to host an experiment called PrevChat 

You are invited to join PrevChat on Feb 28 for our very first gathering and we're asking for your input to help us figure out an ongoing schedule.

What's a PrevChat? 
PrevChat is an online chat using the social messaging service Twitter. Just sign up for a Twitter account (remember to make your name short and easy to remember) and visit the PrevChat website for instructions, some tips, and the few simple rules that help it all work.
Don't worry if you've never done a chat like this before, we're all learning so come give it try and we'll work out the details together.

PrevChat is a unique opportunity to connect and share resources, ideas and possibilities with other people who are equally energized about prevention and wellness. Whether you are working with people in organizations or communities we find we hold a lot in common and can learn with and from each other. It is the intention for these conversations to reach across disciplines so we can make new connections and thereby increase our learning rather than simply preaching to the choir.  Instead of a micro-focus on specific areas we'd like to include anyone who has a passion and willingness to share and learn.

The first PrevChat session is coming up on February 28 at 1:00 ET / Noon CT / 11:00 MT and 10:00 PT.   If you are interesting in an inclusive cross-discipline chat about all things prevention and wellness - then come join us.  We'll be connecting and chatting in 140 character bites.   Visit PrevChat for more information, instructions, tips and a few rules.
We'd like to say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to the folks over at #lrnchat for innovating and openly sharing their process, tips and guidance. We've relied heavily on our #lrnchat experience and documentation as well as our engagement with #healthlit #commbuild #sociallearning and #smchat.  Thank you for your leadership and example.

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