Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Director of Planetary Prevention

Its Nearly Wordless Wednesday, a new commitment for me reserving this day of the week for the rest of the year to share an image and a few words to provide context. What better way to begin than this new and amazing view of the earth from space, released by NASA.

Pretend you have been promoted to Director of Planetary Prevention ...

What shape and meaning does the work of prevention take on from this perspective?


Taworkma said...

Wow! Talk about a discussion starter!
My first duty would be to change my title to Director of Planetary Wellness.  Because the planet doesn't need to prevent anything.
More to the point:  I would help the planet understand the ways in which the product of alcohol had become commodified in the practices across all cultures so that it was obvious to all how Western marketing of alcohol products has been integrated methodically into cultural practices,  

coyenator said...

Hey Tom,

I really like your idea to change the title to one that better reflects the need!  I've wrestled more these past few years with what we call prevention and wishing we called it what I believe the "proactive" side of prevention is really about - thriving and wellness. 

To your point, the industry set about to weave themselves into the fabric of our lives and I dare say they have been successful.  I'm reminded of this piece from Penny Norton's Fresh Story blog post  Insightful.

Jim Paoni said...

Unlike the TV weather forecast that cuts off the radar display at the national boundaries, I’d use prevention-related epidemiological data across the artificial lines. I’d get a better picture about what is influencing use if I was able to see what was coming from all directions. Being from the central US, the cutoff in weather patterns at the border isn’t so much of a deal breaker, but I’ve always wondered how the Minnesotans and other northern border state residents make sense of the weather maps without being able to see what was coming from Canada – and the same for the Texans and other Mexico border states. Looks like everything’s fine until, oh no!, it’s a killer storm (drug trend) that just popped out of nowhere. The planetary view could help us gain insight in what’s happening in our own locales.

coyenator said...

What a great perspective Jim.  I lived most of life in Oklahoma and have always been fascinated by the weather.  Even when there's a tornado watch the senses build with the potential, the anticipation, of a big weather event.  I can remember the old radar that gave us such poor notice and then Doppler came along and suddenly we could see what had been hidden from us before e.g., wind speed within a cloud, rain shrouded funnel clouds, etc. 

Your comment is making me think about how data is so critical and perhaps more important being able to visualize the data to make it quickly understandable.  We collect prevention data within specific boundaries, often only population samples, unlike Google's ability to collect data from anyone, anywhere using the search engine. What would it look like to have meta data? Can you imagine prevention data put onto a big Googleish server? What would we learn? Cautions? Innovations? I think you've opened an intriguing and valuable can of worms!